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Barbara Manfredi, Educator

Former Principal Bridge Elementary School


I am writing to endorse the candidacy of Jessie Steigerwald for the School Committee.  She is an exceptional candidate who is running for her third term.  Jessie has been a committed, knowledgeable, transparent and fair advocate for all during these terms.   I have worked with her on committees, as well as the Lexington’s 300th celebration. She is tireless and dedicated to making sure everyone is included.  Jessie researches every issue thoroughly and has a wonderful sense of making decisions in the best interest of children.

            Jessie has the ability to work collaboratively with other members of the School Committee, as well as with the administration, teachers and parents.  Jessie also possesses the uncanny ability to know what students need and then works to make sure that the students of Lexington get the best.  Jessie believes in students understanding town governance and civil discourse.  She has worked for years to bring back the “mock” town meeting.  This is now presented with the assistance of other town members and the League of Women Voters to all 8th grade students.

             I am always impressed by her knowledge of critical issues that affects all of us.  She understands the importance of being an able communicator, who listens well, is a problem solver, can anticipate needs, is concerned about the school’s welfare and insists on transparency in all interactions.

             As an educator, I am impressed with Jessie’s knowledge of complex educational issues and her desire to be a part of the solutions.  She is rational and can be trusted to weigh what is important so that everyone in our community benefits. 

             The town is also being given the opportunity to continue, with this election, the work that has been done, not only by Jessie but also by Bill Hurley.  Bill was elected in November to fill the school committee position formerly held by Mary Ann Stewart.  The School Committee has accomplished a lot in these few months, most notably the hiring of a new superintendent.  This process was handled equitably and inclusively.  This new board has a chance to continue it’s collaborative style as they tackle many critical issues.

              Both Jessie and Bill have much to give to Lexington.  Please join me in voting for them on March 2nd so that their important work can continue.


             Barbara Manfredi      

             Taft Avenue

Jessie and Barbara

Veterans Day 2014

Reading essays written by Diamond and Clarke middle school students in honor of Lexington's veterans.

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