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Betty Gau


     I will vote to re-elect Jessie Steigerwald for School Committee because I think she has been a valuable contributor these past 5 years.  Jessie is hard working and dedicated to our students, our teachers and our town.  She cares deeply about our schools and has demonstrated that she will work hard and put in the time and effort it takes to get things done.  She has proven to be a good listener who wants to hear from parents and residents.  Jessie has been instrumental in creating a more approachable School Committee that is open to the community. 

     Jessie’s welcoming, open-minded manner has allowed her to hear from a broad group of residents when reviewing issues and making decisions.  She is willing to have discussions and regularly solicits feedback from parents and residents.  Her approach is inclusive and collaborative.  I personally have enjoyed working on various committees with Jessie for over 10 years, from the PTA to the 300th Celebration, and I have been impressed by how well she works in a group with a variety of people.  She excels at collaborating with people of all age groups and backgrounds.  She is smart, technically savvy and very knowledgeable about education.  Her dedication is impressive and her enthusiasm is contagious.   She is a deep thinker who will analyze various aspects of an issue and she consistently asks for input from students, teachers and parents.

      I am happy with how Jessie has served as a School Committee member these past years and I would like to see this committee continue with its current momentum and direction.  Our town is fortunate to have someone with her education, work ethic and energy volunteer to serve on our School Committee and I will vote to re-elect Jessie Steigerwald.


     Betty Gau 





Jessie and Betty

At the LEF Trivia Bee 2014

Jessie dressed up to serve as a member of this year's School Committee Trivia Bee team.

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