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David Horton

Town Meeting Member, Lexington's Member of the Minuteman Tech Regional School Committee, Former Principal Estabrook Elem.


I had the pleasure of working with Ms. Steigerwald on the School Committee’s ad hoc Policy Committee with the charge to review and revise school system policies and to write new policies, based on new laws and regulations.  When I served on the committee with her, she was a key member who always impressed me by her understanding of the topics at hand and their implications, her ability to ask incisive questions, her productivity, and by her interest to seek information and opinions from potential stakeholders affected by the policies.


For three years, I have worked with Ms. Steigerwald to plan and implement the teaching of our town meeting form of government to all eighth graders in our middle schools.  The students conduct mock town meetings in their social studies classrooms and then follow up with a town-wide mock town meeting that brings together eighth graders from both Clarke and Diamond, the past two years at Cary Hall, this year at Lexington High School.  Ms. Steigerwald is most definitely the linchpin in this terrific program for our eighth graders, organizing the volunteers, creating myriad materials to implement it, and working closely with our able and collaborative middle school social studies teachers in the process.


Reelect Jessie Steigerwald who will continue to represent and promote the interests of students, parents, and the community at large with her characteristic talent, openness, insight, and dedication! 


David Horton

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