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Hank Manz

Former Selectman


My view of town government is that it is different from state and federal government.  Certainly those at the local level must work within the framework provided by state and federal entities, but local government is more personal.  You are dealing with friends and neighbors and you want everybody to be able to share the workload and to be included in the process.


Working with Jessie can be exhausting it is true, but what I like is her desire to include everybody, to hear from everybody, to bring as many people into the mix as she can.


Walking around with Jessie is instructive because the first thing you notice is how many people greet her by name.  They know her.  She is not a faceless member of town government.  People know who she is and even if they do not agree with her, they talk to her.


Moreover, she gets things done.  During the year-long 300th celebration she seemed to be everywhere.  It is obvious that she cares about the town and that is important to me and to just about everybody I know in Lexington.


So come election day, one of my two votes will go to Jessie. 

Jessie and Hank at 300th Anniversary Old-Time Baseball Game

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