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Ilene Benghiat


I am voting for Jessie Steigerwald for School Committee (SC) because not only does she believe in transparency and inclusion in government, but she acts on it.


For the past six years, Jessie has organized and attended school and community events with a goal of working to bring together different constituencies to benefit our students and community.  For example, Jessie’s role as Co-Chair of Events for Lexington’s 300th Birthday, she reached out to teachers and students to develop educational civic affairs events, such as the debate students demonstrating their oratory skills by asking historic questions, and the eighth grade Mock Town Meeting, which continued this year. 


On the SC, Jessie continues her quest to include as many Lexingtonians as possible in civic life.  She solicits public feedback in SC meetings and the sub-committees on which she serves, including Policy Manual review, Superintendent Search, and liaison to the Youth Service Council, etc.  She encourages individuals to present their opinions at committee meetings and with individual representatives.  Finally, Jessie listens to our opinions and thoughts and is open to changing her mind based on what we say.         


The School Committee is working well now as evidenced by the smooth and open selection of a new Superintendent.  I vote to keep the SC as it is.  Please join me in re-electing Jessie Steigerwald and Bill Hurley to the School Committee.

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