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Kim Coburn


I am writing in support of Jessie Steigerwald and Bill Hurley, outstanding candidates for re-election to School Committee.


Jessie and I met as backstage parents at Diamond Middle School’s fabulously over-the-top production of Beauty and the Beast.  One can learn a lot about a person under those circumstances, and I can say without hesitation that Jessie Steigerwald is one of the most hard-working, creative, compassionate, intelligent, tenacious people that I have ever met.  She sticks with problems until they are resolved and has an amazing ability to come up with creative, outside the box solutions.  She excels in time-critical, high-pressure situations but understands the value in taking the occasional step back to get a broader view, confirming that she is headed in the right direction.


When I met Bill Hurley during last fall’s campaign, I was immediately impressed with his ability to listen.  He gives people his full attention and is very calm and thoughtful in his response.  He openly admits when he needs more information to fully address a question.  At a recent School Committee hearing when LHS teachers urged SC members to allocate funds to reduce teacher workload, I was impressed with Bill’s commitment to listening intently and then his diligence in honestly considering the idea rather than dismissing it because it is too late in the budget process.


With Bill’s experience on the Lexington Capital Expenditures Committee and as Sudbury’s Superintendent during a student population “surge” coupled with Jessie’s Board experience, incredible dedication to our children’s education and proven track record as a staunch supporter of transparency and collaboration, I feel confident that we will have the best team in place to face the challenges ahead.  Please join me March 2nd in voting for Bill Hurley and Jessie Steigerwald for School Committee.


Kim Coburn


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