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Jessie has played an active role in the Lexington Public Schools for years. 


  1. Jessie with Debbie Strod, who played the role of Maria Hastings for a special assembly during the 300th Anniversary.

  2. Jessie advocated to reduce fees for elementary instrumental music because she wanted all Lexington students to have the opportunity to try to play a stringed instrument or band instrument.

  3. Jessie visited all elementary schools to take a closer look at the over-crowding.  Here, she is in one of the smaller office spaces that was created at Bowman during the most recent renovation.

  4. Jessie has been a volunteer for Odyssey of the Mind / Destination Imagination for 13 years, first as a coach/manager, then as a Town Coordinator.  She now helps with Instant Challenge night.

  5. In reponse to concerns raised by the PTA/PTO boards across multiple schools, Jessie advocated to make sure there were sufficient basic supplies, including paper towels, in the base school budget as recently as winter 2014.  

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