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Sue and Jessie

At D.A.R. Award Ceremony

Lexington, MA

Sue Rockwell, Chair of Lexington's 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee



No, I do not have children in school; I have never had children in school.  So why do I care about the School Committee election?  Because I care about Lexington, and our children are its future.  We should all care about maintaining the excellent reputation of the system and that means choosing the right people to guide that system.


I will be voting for Jessie Steigerwald to continue to bring her special skills to the School Committee.  I met Jessie when she was recommended to me to be a member of the 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee.  She immediately impressed us all with her passion and organization skills as she and Tanya Morrisett took over the lion’s share of the work of the Programs and Events for our celebration – the very heart of our activities.  Our goal was to involve everyone in the festivities and her efforts included making sure our school children were a big part.  She spearheaded the efforts to have mini-ceremonies at every school, and to revive the Mock Town Meeting.  The publication of the Lexington, Then and Now instructional comic book was also led by her.  None of this was handled single-handedly by Jessie, of course; she brought together a talented team that made each of these efforts, and more, so successful.


These abilities are a big part of her success in whatever she does, and my observation of School Committee activities assures me that her passion and talents are well used in that venue.  Please join me in voting for Jessie Steigerwald to continue her work on behalf of our future leaders.


Sue Rockwell




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